About Moreton Bay Coastcare

Moreton Bay Coastcare (MBCC) is a coastal conservation organisation whose goal is to protect, monitor and rehabilitate Moreton Bay's coastal and marine habitats and biodiversity.

Welcome to Moreton Bay in South East Queensland, Australia.

Moreton Bay Coastcare is mainly concerned with the estuarine and wetland areas of Moreton Bay.  Our activities are mainly on-ground with bushcare and estuarine monitoring.  It is for the "Dirty Hands - Muddy Feet" brigade.

The Moreton Bay extends 160k in length from Surfers Paradise in the south and ends at the north side of Bribie Island, Queensland and includes areas of fresh water, estuarine wetlands, and is a Ramsar listed wetland.

The key issues affecting Moreton Bay and the loss of its wetlands is due to the ever increasing population (approximately 1000 people per week moving into Moreton Bay’s catchment) and the resultant infrastructure explosion that is currently being witnessed by the Queensland state. The water quality of Moreton Bay is alarmingly deteriorating due to the lack of efficient sediment control on the infrastructure development and housing developments. The State Government protects infrastructure development even though the natural environment is at stake in the process.

MBCC is a member of  Queensland Water & Land Carers Inc.