Seagrass Watch

The Seagrass Watch program operates in eighteen countries in the Pacific and Indian Oceans with one site in the Caribbean. Volunteers monitor the seagrass three times a year. Due to the usually muddy conditions, Seagrass Watching requires a high level of dedication and a good sense of humour.

Members of Moreton Bay Coastcare are involved in the Seagrass Watch Moreton Bay program. We are responsible for monitoring 2 sites in Bramble Bay - BB02 and BB03 - and one site in Deception Bay - DB02. As Bramble Bay's waters are very turbid, no seagrass has been able to survive there for decades so the Bramble Bay sites monitoring just involves a casual stroll on the beach to double check. The site in Deception Bay luckily has plenty of seagrass though.

For further information about the Seagrass Watch Program: