Moreton Bay Coastcare Water Quality Monitoring

The aim of this water quality monitoring is to define the  ambient water quality in-situ in relation to a range of parameters and land uses  relevant to water quality in the region.

This will be achieved by establishing base line data of the water quality in the catchments of Downfall/Nundah, Nudgee, Cabbage Tree, Little Cabbage Tree, Bald Hills Creeks in Brisbane; Freshwater & Saltwater Creeks in Hays Inlet and the Lagoons in the wetlands of North Brisbane.

The objectives are:

        Maintain  a quality-controlled program for sampling ambient water in-situ, which is driven by well-trained volunteers from the communityMonitor water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity, turbidity, Total Suspended  Solids,ORP and salinity on a  monthly basis across various land uses and stream orders.
        Public education of  catchment and water quality issues.

A Horiba U52 which was supplied by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund is used.

SEQ Catchments provides support in training, meter calibration and Quality Assurance and Data Storage.
At present Moreton Bay Coastcare is monitoring fifteen sites in the  Bramble Bay Catchment Area. Monitoring is done on a monthly basis and more volunteers are welcome.